API & References

You can check the details of the API.

  • Return Code
    This page provides the information of the return codes.
    This API provides functionality for initializing the SDK and managing the memory.
  • Device API
    This API allows to control the device.
  • Access Control API
    API for access control, which can manage access authority by individual, group, time schedules.
  • Door Control API
    API that configures whether the device is set as entrance/exit of the door, how the device will control the door, and the APB settings.
  • Wiegand API
    API that composes the Wiegand card readers and configures the Wiegand input/output.
  • Server API
    API that can enable server matching or controls the device from the BioStar application.
    API that configures the SSL communication
  • QR code API
    API that provides functions to read and write QR code data.
  • Face API
    This API allows to scan/verify the face template.
  • Blacklist API
    API that adds a card to the blacklist when a card is lost or to limit access.
  • Slave Control API
    API that connects the master and slave device by using the RS-485 network.
  • Zone Control API
    API that configures the zone, which can control the entry device and door's operations.