Before you start, check the license activation status. If the standard edition is activated, the 'ZONE' tap can be seen from the left menu buttons as below. Also, check the fundamental course to understand the difference between 'Global Zone' and 'Local Zone'.

1. Go to ZONE and click ADD ZONE button.

2. Enter the zone name and choose between Local and Global.

  • Local Zone: Consists of RS-485 connected master and slave devices with the master device as 'Zone Master'.
  • Global Zone: Consists of TCP/IP and RS485 connected devices with the BioStar 2 Server as 'Zone Master'.

3. Choose doors to be in the fire alarm zone and select an device input to receive a fire alarm signal.

4. Add action to make an output signal if needed.

5. When it's set to use 'Global Zone', the below warning message pops up to remind the importance of the stable server status.

6. Once finished, go to MONITORING and Zone Status, and make a test input to check the alert and the door relay response.

7. Mark the zone and click Clear Alarm button. Then, the doors go back to the original status.

Video Demo