How to Configure Live Video View

Live Video View has been introduced in BioStar 2.6.2. You can now see the live feed from your video camera and also control the door from the live video view menu.

For in-depth basic video configuration and cautions refer to the following article: How to use video

1. Click on the VIDEO menu.
2. Click Add New NVR.
3. Input your NVR details.

4. Click Apply.
5. Click Add New Camera.
6. Select your NVR and click Next.

7. Select your camera and click Add.

8. Click All Cameras and choose your camera to configure a Door.

9. Choose a Door to assign the camera and click +Add to choose an event to use for the video log.

10. Click Apply.
11. Go to the MONITORING menu’s Live Video View.

12. Go to the MONITORING menu’s Live Video View.
13. Click on the dropdown box and choose a camera.

14. When the load complete the real time video should appear.

15. You can also control the door with the door icons visible beside the dropdown box (open, manual unlock, manual lock, release).