How to Configure XPass D2

XPass D2 is a new device introduced with BioStar 2.6.
It is a dummy reader for reading cards, which means it doesn’t perform data matching on itself.
The device can be used as a slave device, or a Wiegand reader to send Wiegand output.
The device sends out a Wiegand signal with the default 26bit format and the Wiegand configuration will be done with a separate tool Device manager.
Please refer to the article: How to use Suprema Device Manager App

You will need a master device to add the slave D2 device.
Refer to the article below to learn how to search for a slave device.
RS485 Mode (Master, Default, Slave)

If you already have used the device as a slave device before, you must reset the device to use it as a Wiegand reader (sending Wiegand output).
1. Delete the device(slave device) from BioStar 2 client.

2. Detach the metal bracket from the device.

3. Press the reset button.

4. Use the device as a Wiegand reader by adding it as a Wiegand Device on a master device.

You cannot use the device as a slave device and use Wiegand output at the same time.