With the door setting, you can set basic relay and door level alarm configurations. ‘Relay’ is the minimum door element. If you set a relay, you can configure it as a door. This is very useful for the users who want to open/close doors at a designated event, such as a fire alarm or emergency lockdown.

1. Go to the DOOR tap and click ADD Door button. If you have more than several doors and different floors, we recommend you to create a door group first by right-clicking on All Doors.

2) Then, click one of the created door groups, and click ADD DOOR button. The door group is already assigned, and the group name will be shown on the information section. Then, enter the name of the door and its description(if necessary).

2. Set Entry Device and select 'Exit Device' if the door uses two different devices for entry and exit. And set 'Door Relay', 'Exit Button', and 'Door Sensor' as you want for the door.

  • Entry device refers to the device located outside for entry input.
  • Exit device refers to the device located inside for exit input.
  • Therefore, it's necessary to set to use a door relay from an exit device or a door IO device, such as Secure IO 2 and DM-20, to avoid the security risk of exposing a relay wiring to the outside.
  • Door Sensor can be used to monitor the door status. BioStar 2 System Administrator or users can know the physical door status via the sensor detection whether the door is opened or closed. Moreover, it can be used to generate an alarm for any unexpected door statuses.
  • It is highly recommended to set the door sensor in BioStar 2 Door Configuration and wire the door status sensor to the door. If the Door opened log is detected without the occurrence of the Door unlocked log, BioStar 2 software or BioStar 2 Products will generate a Forced door opened log and can generate an additional Forced door open alarmed to notify the user.
Once a device is added to the door, the device authentication mode changes to No Access.
In order to allow user access, configure Access Groups.

3) If the door sensor is applied, Held Open and Forced Open alarm can be set to use. Click the '+Add' button on the left and set to use 'Output' and select the device to make an 'Output' and the relay to send out an output signal. But if you want to make an alert only, you need to set the device which is not used for the door relay or other important output to the 'Device' and its relay to 'Output'. This is because it can be mixed and create an unplanned relay output.

i.e. Held Open Alarm Configuration for the door This configuration will help generate the Held door open alarmed log once the door opened log is kept longer than the Held Open Time.

i.e. Forced Open Alarm Configuration for the door This configuration will help generate the Forced door open alarmed log once the door opened log is detected without door unlocked log which is normally generated by user authentication, pressing a configured exit button, or clicking the Open button on BioStar 2.

4) Set the hold open time from 1 sec to 15 min range. If the door is opened longer than this held open time setting, the alert event occurs to call attention to the situation.

5) In the same way, the 'Forced Open' alarm can be set to make an alert.

6) When you are done with the setting, make sure to click 'Apply', and check the setting result from the door list.

7) Then, test the door to make an alert event alarm.

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