How to Configure SIP Authentication ID

Before BioStar 2.6 you could only configure an Account ID and Extension Number with numbers for the interphone feature.

In BioStar 2.6 and above, you can configure the Account ID and Extension Numbers with a combination of alphabet, number, and special characters up to 32 characters.

You will need a SIP server to use the interphone feature of A2 and FaceStation 2.
If you would like to configure a SIP server, refer to the article: SIP based VoIP server for BioStation A2 & FaceStation 2

1. Log in to BioStar 2 with an administrator account with DEVICE configuration privileges.
2. Click on your device to open the device configuration page.
3. Open Advanced > Interphone
4. Check Use.
5. Configure all fields as necessary.

Open Door Button (DTMF) is the button that will open the door in your SIP client
SIP server port should be set to 5060