In order to receive a push alarm from BioStar 2 mobile app, it's necessary to set your BioStar 2 to make an trigger action and alert to the event types you want to receive as mobile push alarm.

1. Go to ALERT in the Setting menu in BioStar 2 and set the events to make an alert.

In order to activate device or door event alerts, it's necessary to set Trigger & Action to make an event become effective. Otherwise, the system does not recognize the event and is not able to send out alerts

2. For example, in order to receive an alert at Forced Open event, go to DOOR tap and set forced open event to activate the events. Or, go to Trigger & Action in the global menu, and set the door, event, device, and action.

When it's set to use, it's necessary to choose one of the actions and device to be taken at the time of this event.

[Door Tap]

[Trigger & Action]

3. Move back to ALERT setting, and mark FORCED_OPEN_ALARM, and click Apply.

4. Activate FORCED_OPEN_ALARM, and check the alert notice as below.

5. From the mobile, tap 'Setting Icon' on the top right, and check Notification events to receive a push alert.

6. Activate FORCED_OPEN_ALARM, and check the mobile app alert.