USB Exported Control API > BS2_GetUserDatasFaceExFromDir

[+2.7.1] Gets the user information corresponding to the user identifier from the data extracted by USB.
Supports USB files exported from FaceStaion F2 devices.


#include "BS_API.h"
int BS2_GetUserDatasFaceExFromDir(void* context, const char* szDir, char* uids, uint32_t uidCount, BS2UserFaceExBlob* userBlob, BS2_USER_MASK userMask);


  • [In] context : Context
  • [In] szDir : Data storage path
  • [In] uids : List of user identifiers to be imported
  • [In] uidCount : Number of user identifiers
  • [Out] userBlob : Pointer to store user information
  • [In] userMask : User's Mask
value description
0x0000 User Identifier
0x0001 User data
0x0002 User Settings
0x0004 User Name
0x0008 Image
0x0010 PIN
0x0020 Card
0x0040 Fingerprint
0x0080 Face
0x0100 Access group
0x0200 Work code
0x0400 Private Message
0x0800 Face (FaceStation F2)
0x1000 User Settings (FaceStation F2)
0xFFFF User Information Full

Return value

Returns BS_SDK_SUCCESS if performed successfully, or a corresponding error code if an error occurs.

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