Configuration API > BS2_ResetConfigExceptNetInfo

[+ V2.6.0] Initializes the setting information of the device. (Excluding network settings)
Supported in the following versions or higher.
Devices not shown below are supported.

Model Ver.
BS2 V1.6.0
BSA2 V1.5.0
CS-40 V1.1.0
BEP2 V1.1.0
BSL2 V1.3.0
BEW2 V1.2.0
BLN2 V1.0.0
FS2 V1.1.0


#include "BS_API.h"
int BS2_ResetConfigExceptNetInfo(void* context, uint32_t deviceId, uint8_t includingDB);


  • [In] context : Context
  • [In] deviceId : Device ID
  • [In] includingDB : Weather to delete access group, level, schedule, holiday group, door, zone information

Return Value

If successfully done, BS_SDK_SUCCESS will be returned.
If there is an error, the corresponding error code will be returned.