How to Configure D2 Keypad

Xpass D2 Keypad is a new device introduced with BioStar 2.6.2.
It is a dummy reader for reading cards or PIN, which means it doesn’t perform data matching on itself.
The device can be used as a slave device, or a Wiegand reader to send Wiegand output.
The device sends out Wiegand signals with the default 26bit format and the Wiegand configuration will be done with a separate tool.
- Link to the information about the tool: How to use Suprema Device Manager App

You will need a master device to add the slave D2 Keypad device.
Refer to the article below to learn how to search for slave devices.
RS485 Mode (Master, Default, Slave)

If you enable the option 'Input card ID from keypad', user can authenticate by entering the card number on the D2 Keypad.

Possible key input ranges
The range of numbers that can be received by the keypad is 8 bytes (0 to 18,446,744,073,709,551,615)

If you have already used the device as a slave device before, you must reset the device to use it as a Wiegand reader (sending Wiegand output).
1. Delete the device from BioStar 2 client as a slave device.

2. Detach the metal bracket from the device.

3. Press the reset button.

4. Use the device as a Wiegand reader by adding it as a Wiegand Device on a master device.

You cannot use the device as a slave device and use Wiegand output at the same time.